The first stage in making our vision a reality is the development and implementation of a State-of-the-Art website .  Various components include:

MakerTrek Blog, Podcasts, & Member Forums- Promoting education and communication across the spectrum of Maker Activities

MakerTrek TV – Provides a 24/7 Maker related education and entertainment experience across the spectrum of Makers

MakerTrek Marketplace –Provides Makers of all disciplines a viable place for selling their wares without exorbitant fees or competition from cheap imports claiming to be Maker made.

MakerTrek Online Store – Offering the widest variety of quality Maker related tools, equipment, and materials at fair prices

MakerTrek Academy –Online and in person instruction and education for Makers of all types.

MakerTrek Business Services – Be it shipping, account receipts, outsourcing, promotional, or bookkeeping, MakerTrek is there to ensure our members’ success